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DC Comics Fall 2015 Collection Solicitations

Alrighty folks, here’s the big one. DC’s collections for the Fall months of 2015. There’s a lot of cool stuff in here so I’m going to separate it all into categories and then say a few words about most of the stuff in there. So let’s get to it, because there’s a lot to get to.

Absolute Editions:

  • Absolute Court of Owls – We just learned about this one with DC’s most recently solicits, so nothing new here.
  • Absolute Green Lantern/Green Arrow – This one’s exciting for sure. Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams’ classic run is collected here, and while I’m not usually one for Absolutes I’m definitely going to have to jump on this one.


  • Neal Adams Omnibus – The only Omnibus present here is the re-solicit for the Neal Adams Omnibus containing all his Batman material.

Deluxe Editions:

  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – I’m pretty glad they’re going back and releasing Deluxe Editions for a lot of these classic stories because many of them I only own in TPB, and I’m not really looking to cough up the dough on an Absolute that’s out of print at the moment.
  • Batman Year 100 – Another Batman book gets the Deluxe treatment, and makes me glad I held off on purchasing Paul Pope’s modern classic all this time. I love Pope and his style, so this one is sure to look fantastic on those Deluxe sized pages.
  • Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity – I really don’t know anything about this story by Matt Wagner, but this is sure to be coinciding with the upcoming Batman V Superman movie given it features all three characters. I have to wonder if Wagner’s other Batman stories get the same treatment later on.
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths – This really is my favorite event that DC has ever done. So much happens and the art is just timeless and fantastic. I glad this is getting the OHC treatment because it really deserves it, and Perez’s highly detailed art will look great on those oversized pages.
  • DMZ: The Deluxe Edition Book Five – I believe this tops off the Deluxe Editions for this series from Vertigo.
  • Fables The Deluxe Edition Book Eleven
  • Green Arrow by Jeff Lemire  – Now this one has me very excited. I loved this run on Green Arrow, and I was hoping we’d see it in some sort of oversized collection but I had figured that was a pipe dream. What’s cool is that it’s not the only New 52 Deluxe Edition we see in these solicits.
  • Kid Eternity – Grant Morrison’s old three part story with Duncan Fregedo is a great one, and one I’m happy to see get this treatment, but at this point it looks like DC and Vertigo are just stretching themselves to make sure that everything Morrison has ever done is printed on oversized pages in one way or another.
  • Multiversity – And speaking of Morrison… but this was obviously going to happen, and I had absolutely no doubt about it. I’ve loved Multiversity. I wouldn’t hesitate to name it as one of the best series of the year, and as a contender to take the top spot as far as DC events go for me. It has really reminded me why I fell in love with comics to begin with. That said, I’m glad to see it get this treatment asap.
  • Sandman Overture – This was in the last group of solicits too, so at this point I think they’re just trying to get lucky as far as when Gaiman’s actually going to wrap up this miniseries prequel to his seminal series.
  • Scalped Deluxe Edition Books Two and Three – Two more of the likely five volume set appear in these solicits.
  • Swamp Thing by Scott Snyder – Here’s the other New 52 one I was mentioning. I was definitely a fan of Snyder’s run on Swamp Thing, but in many ways it was Yanick Paquette (as well as Marco Rudy) who was the star here thanks to his amazing writing. So now that the door is wide open as far as New 52 Deluxe Editions goes I’m going to be expecting a lot more from DC in the near future. Especially coming off the news of this book in particular I’d expect something for Animal Man.
  • Sweet Tooth Deluxe Edition Book One – I’ve been waiting on this for a while. Lemire tweeted to me a while back that they were in talks to make this happen, so I’m excited that it’s finally on the way. Sweet Tooth is one of my very favorite Vertigo titles, so it’s a joy to get it on oversized pages. Lemire’s artwork and storytelling is going to thrive in this format.
  • Batman Noir: Hush – These Noir books are typically Deluxe sized so I’m throwing this in here
  • Batman RIP Unwrapped – And I believe the Unwrapped ones are typically the same format.
  • Blackest Night Unwrapped

New 52 Collections

  • Batman and Robin Vol. 6 The Hunt for Robin
  • Batman and Robin Vol. 7 Robin Rises
  • Batman Eternal Vol. 3
  • Batman Vol. 6 Graveyard Shift
  • Batman Vol. 7 Endgame
  • Batman Detective Comics Vol. 6 Icarus
  • Batman Detective Comics Vol. 7
  • Batman/Superman Vol. 3 Second Chance
  • Batman/Superman Vol. 4
  • Earth 2 Vol. 5 The Kryptionion
  • Earth 2 Vol. 6
  • Earth 2 World’s End Vol. 2
  • Flash Vol. 5 History Lessons
  • Flash Vol. 6 Out of Time
  • Flash Vol. 7
  • Gotham Academy Vol. 2
  • Grayson Vol. 1 Agents of Spyral
  • Grayson Vol.2
  • Green Arrow Vol. 7
  • Green Lantern/ New Gods GOdhead
  • Harley Quinn Vol. 2 Power Outage
  • Harley Quinn Vol. 3
  • Joker Endgame
  • Justice League Dark Vol. 6
  • Justice League United Vol. 1 Justice League Canada
  • Justice League United Vol. 2 The Infinitus Saga
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 7
  • Secret Origins Vol. 3
  • Superman – Action Comics Vol. 6 Superdoom
  • Superman – Action Comics Vol. 7
  • Superman Unchained
  • Superman Doomed
  • Superman Wonder Woman Vol. 2 War and Peace
  • Superman Wonder Woman Vol. 3
  • Wonder Woman Vol. 6 Bones
  • Wonder Woman Vol. 7
  • Wolrd’s Finest Vol. 6

DC Digital/Other Modern Collections

So this section is basically anything that’s not a reprint of older material from DC’s Digital selection or from their various other non-New 52 titles.

  • Arrow Season 2.5
  • Batman ’66 Vol. 3
  • Batman ’66 Vol. 4
  • Batman ’66/Green Hornet
  • Batman Beyond 2.0 Vol. 3 Marked Soul
  • Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Vol. 5
  • Flash Season Zero
  • He-Man: The Eternity War Vol. 1
  • Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse Vol. 2
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year 2 Vol. 2
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Year 3 Vol. 1
  • MAD Art of Jack Davis: The Complete Collection of His Work from MAD Comics #1-23
  • MAD Art of Wally Wood: The Complete Collection of His Work from MAD Comics #1-23
  • MAD Art of Will Elder: The Complete Collection of His Work MAD Comics #1-23
  • Mortal Kombat X Vol. 2
  • Quarantine Zone – An original graphic novel from Daniel H. Wilson and Fernando Pasarin.
  • Scooby-Doo Team-Up Vol. 2
  • Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman Vol. 2
  • Smallville Season 11 Vol. 7: Lantern
  • Superman Adventures Vol. 1
  • Superman Earth One Vol. 3
  • Teen Titans: Earth One Vol. 1
  • Wonder Woman: A Very Selfish Princess
  • Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 1 – This is pretty much the only one in this section that I’m really pumped about. This would be the Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette Wonder Woman story that they’ve been working on for a while now. They’ve teased it, but we haven’t seen much for it, so it’s a complete surprise to actually see it solicited. Hopefully it truly will be on shelves by the end of the year!

Vertigo Collections

  • 100 Bullets Book 3
  • American Vampire Vol. 7
  • American Vampire Vol. 8
  • American Vampire Vol. 9
  • Astro City
  • Astro City Confession
  • Astro City Private Lives
  • Children’s Crusade – Apparently this only includes Neil Gaiman’s material for this Vertigo event, and not all the Annuals from the various Vertigo titles that tied into it… which is a bit disappointing.
  • Coffin Hill Vol. 3
  • Effigy Vol. 1
  • Fables: The Wolf Among Us Vol. 1
  • FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics Vol. 4
  • Flinch Book One – The beginning of trade collections of Vertigo’s 16 issue anthology series.
  • Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi
  • John Constantine Hellblazer Vol. 12 How to Play With Fire – More from the Paul Jenkins run, and likely the last volume of his material collecting from issue #121. He wrote through #128 so I have to wonder if this is going to collect a bit past that. Perhaps Garth Ennis’ “Son of Man” arc will be in here, meaning volume 13 will wind up collecting the Warren Ellis material. Now THAT, I’m looking forward to.
  • The Kitchen
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Strange Sports Stories
  • Suiciders Vol. 1
  • Swamp Thing: Darker Genesis – Creators listed for this one are Will Pfeifer and Pete Woods, but the only issues I can think of by Will Pfeifer are two issues from Swamp Thing Vol. 4 between Andy Diggle and Josh Dysart’s runs. Now it would be possible DC is doing new collections of that series since it was never collected in its entirety (he Pfeifer issues and the last several issues of Dysart’s run aren’t in any of the TPB’s), but I’m not sure where Pete Woods factors in as he didn’t supply any art for that run (as far as I can recall). Either way I’d have been happier to see DC/Vertigo working on continued collections for the Millar run.
  • Wolf Moon
  • Y: The Last Man Book Three

Classic/Reprint Collections

For lack of a better name… anything that’s not a modern series getting a new TPB collection. As always, there’s a lot of interesting stuff in here.

  • Art Ops Vol. 1 – I have yet to find what this one actually is, so if anyone knows feel free to inform.
  • Bad Girls – Reprinting the Darwyn Cooke miniseries.
  • Batman Adventures Vol. 3 – A third volume for the classic comic that told stories in the universe of the animated series of the 90’s.
  • Batman Arkham: Two-Face – A collection of classic stories starring the villain Two-Face.
  • Batman v. Superman – A movie tie-in collection giving classic comics where the two characters face off against each other.
  • Batman: Road to No Man’s Land – DC’s been doing really well these past several years to release new collections to give readers a pretty solid run of all the modern Batman comics. This one would fill in a gap between the upcoming new edition of Cataclysm and the first Batman No Man’s Land collection.
  • Batman: Shaman – A new printing of the first five issues of the Legends of the Dark Knight series.
  • Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham – This one reprints a three issue Elseworlds comic from Mike Mignola.
  • Batman: War Games Vol. 1 – I had this as part of my “wish list” not terribly long ago, as this would be another good thing to add to DC’s recent complete TPB collection of modern Batman tales.
  • Birds of Prey Vol. 1 – A collection of early Birds of Prey material from Chuck Dixon.
  • Boy Commandos by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby Vol. 1
  • Catwoman Vol. 4: The One You Love – There was a lot of debate as to whether DC would go forth and collect the issues of the pre-New 52 Catwoman series post-Brubaker’s run. Well, here we finally a new collection for the first chunk of issues by writer Will Pfeifer. The series ran under his pen until it concluded at issue #82, so I really have to wonder if DC will actually put forth the work to collect the entire run. I’d expect it to take another three or four volumes to conclude the title.
  • Deathstroke The Terminator Vol. 2 – A second collection of Marv Wolfman’s series.
  • Demon: Haunted Glory – A collection of Garth Ennis’ Demon stories dealing with the origin of Hitman. Likely coming from the fact that Ennis’ has a new book coming from DC in June starring some of the characters from the series.
  • The Flash by Geoff Johns Book One – TPB reprints of Johns’ old Flash run starring Wally West. It’s not surprising that DC’s letting the Omnibus’ go out of print knowing that they’re printing the series in these TPB collections. I’m hoping, though, that we see his later material with Barry Allen also published as part of this line.
  • Graphic Ink: Darwyn Cooke
  • Green Arrow Vol. 4: Blood of the Dragon – Another collection of Grell’s 80’s series. Every passing group of solicits I’m hoping more and more that we see a volume of this series announced because it would be truly disappointing to see DC stop collections of this title like they have with so many other trade collections. Speaking of, this group of solicits doesn’t have volumes of either Ostrander’s Martian Manhunter nor Spectre titles, so that could be a bit concerning…).
  • Green Lantern: A Celebration of 75 Years
  • Immortal Doctor Fate – Apparently this one’s just a collection of a lot of various classic stories before the late 80’s ongoing series.
  • Justice League A League of One – Looking online all I find for this one is a graphic novel from Christopher Moeller, so this may just be a reprint of that.
  • Luthor
  • Metalzoic – A 1986 original graphic novel from Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neal.
  • New Teen Titans Vol. 3 – Another collection of the classic Wolfman/Perez era on the series.
  • Nightwing Vol. 3 – Another collection of Chuck Dixon’s Nightwing series.
  • Phantom Stranger – Collecting old Phantom Stranger from the Action Comics Weekly series.
  • Robin Vol. 1 Reborn – So it looks like now they’re collecting Tim Drake’s ongoing series, which is another awesome thing to happen.
  • Secret Six Vol. 3 – Collecting issues #14-24 of Gail Simone’s series, suggesting that there will be a fourth and final volume to collect 25-36
  • Showcase Presents Batman Vol. 6
  • Showcase Presents Blue Devil Vol. 1
  • Showcase Presents The Flash Vol. 5
  • Star Spangled War Stories Vol. 1 – I don’t believe this is a collection of the New 52 series, so this might be a first collection of the classic title of the same name.
  • Suicide Squad Vol. 1 Trial by Fire – DC is reprinting their first TPB collection of Ostrander’s Suicide Squad, hopefully suggesting that they’ll actually be releasing further collections of the series, as vol. 2 was solicited years ago and then cancelled. This is obviously coming out in time for the movie, but I’d say that the Suicide Squad has been granted increased popularity in the past few years thanks to their appearances is other media like the Arrow TV show. Hopefully they actually make it all the way through the 66 issue run.
  • Wild Dog Unleashed – Another collection of Action Comics Weekly material.

Alright, well that’s all of what we got this time around. There’s plenty that I’m pretty excited about in there, so sound of and let us know what you’re looking forward to from DC and Vertigo this fall!

Notable Collections from DC’s June 2015 Solicitations


It’s Solicitation time again! Leading the pack this month is DC with a good number of books that we’ve already known about for a little while, but let me run through what is notable in my opinion. Here’s the full solicits (including singles and collectibles) for June 2015. Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

Batman: The Jiro Kuwata Batmanga Vol. 2

I really dug the first volume of this three volume set, so it’s just exciting to get more. Fans of the character, and especially those into manga or anime, owe it to themselves to grab these books. And at $13 a pop they’re not a bad investment.

Aquaman: Sub-Diego

I’m of the persuasion of people who missed out on most Aquaman stories growing up. The New 52 helped to give us an awesome new ongoing title from Geoff Johns (now from Jeff Parker and later from Cullen Bunn), but there’s a severe lack of older collections for the character. DC seems to be rectifying this a bit with collections like this one. I’ve heard a lot of good about this storyline from Will Pfeifer and Patrick Gleason so I might have to grab it when it releases.

Absolute Batman: The Court of Owls HC

I don’t recall seeing this solicited before, so this could be new… anyway, as it suggests this will be an Absolute collection of the first eleven issues of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman series. I’m hoping to see solid collections of Snyder’s run across Absolutes, but I’m pretty sure this is more likely to follow the Johns Green Lantern formula in that we’ll get a few Absolutes and then when the run is finished we’ll get a more complete collection across an Omnibus or two.

Green Arrow: The Archer’s Quest Deluxe Edition HC

Originally the Kevin Smith stuff was to be in a Deluxe HC, but that got bumped up to Absolute and now we’ve got this OHC to join that one which collects the issues by Brad Meltzer (16-21) following that run. So yeah, this is going to be a pretty thin book, but it ought to be a nice companion to that Absolute and I’m hoping we see more OHC’s for the run that followed Meltzer (Scott Beatty and Ben Raab for a few issues before Judd Winick took over for a while).

Superman Vol. 6 The Men of Tomorrow

Now that we know Johns isn’t sticking around after issue #39 it makes this collection a bit more interesting. This has the entire arc by Geoff Johns and John Romita JR which introduces new characters, now powers, and a new (albeit brief) costume. I’ve been enjoying this run thus far so I might have to grab this book when it hits shelves.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit: A Celebration of 75 Years

I don’t usually go for these sort of anniversary collections, but this one’s got me interested. I’ve not read a lot of Spirit stuff, but I’m intrigued by the Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman stories collected in here.

Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus Vol. 1

I’ve been looking forward to this one since it was first announced, but an interesting thing to note is that they added that “Vol. 1″ to the end of it. There was voiced concern that DC wasn’t going to collect the entirety of Perez’ run on the series, but I think this gives us a little more faith that they’re trying to work on that. Maybe they’ll collect the Messner-Loebs run that followed, which would be nice as I haven’t read any of that material.

Fables Vol. 22 TP

If you’re a Fables reader you probably know that all their anniversary issues are increasingly bigger and bigger. Issue #100 was like a thin TPB itself, and now they’re jumping the gun and the final issue, #150, is doubling as the 22nd volume of the series clocking in at over 150 pages. I’m a bit behind, so I’m definitely going to need to do some catching up for this one, but I’m excited to see how Bill Willingham and company bring this modern classic to a close (and I have my fingers crossed for some Omnis in the future).

Scalped Deluxe Edition Book Two HC

The second in what looks to be a five volume set collects issues #12-24 of Jason Aaron and RM Guerra’s amazing series. The first volume came out recently and is a thing of beauty, so I’m really excited to get more of those books and have the complete series in OHC. If you’ve never read Scalped then I really recommend it and there’s no better way to experience it than in these books.

That’s all for these solicits, but keep your eyes peeled for more stuff and let me know what’s enticing you from DC in June!

Walter Simonson Gives His Own Scathing Review Of The Orion Omnibus

Orion Omnibus by Walter Simonson (DC Comics)

Orion Omnibus by Walter Simonson (DC Comics)

I found this on the Official Walter Simonson Facebook page and it’s too good not to share with you.

A Few Notes about the upcoming ORION OMNIBUS
I received comp copies of the Orion Omnibus from DC Comics late yesterday afternoon. I believe it’s due out in a few weeks. The physical package is nicely done, but I have decided to express publicly, in a way I rarely do, that I am very disappointed in the book.

As some of you may remember, many of the issues of my run on the title consisted of a lead story and a short backup story. I got a lot of my friends, including Dave Gibbons, Frank Miller, Howard Chaykin, Jim Lee, Eddie Campbell and others to draw the back ups. I wrote most of the twelve stories. Generally, the backup stories were related in some way to the lead story. Sometimes, it was matter of atmosphere. Sometimes it was some sort of continuation of thematic material from the lead story. In the case of the Arthur Adams drawn story in Orion 10, there was a direct connection to the lead story, focusing on and specifically answering some of the questions I’d posed there.

My only connection to the Omnibus was early on. I learned of the upcoming collection like most other folks, by catching the announcement at last year’s San Diego ComicCon. I had some brief contact with DC afterwards about the Omnibus, and supplied a few high res scans for drawings as requested. I also drew a new cover for the volume. And that was it. I will say that in the case of other reprints elsewhere, I have generally been kept in the loop more, often to the extent of seeing pdfs of the entire volume and collaborating on the final form of the book before it heads off to press.

Nevertheless, I was thrilled Monday afternoon when I received a box of complimentary copies in the mail from DC. As I said above, it’s a very nice package.

However, I was dismayed when I began looking through the book and discovered that all of the backup stories for the issues, although included in the volume, have been separated from their lead stories and stripped of their context by putting them in the back of the Omnibus, in a separate section behind all the lead stories. And they aren’t entirely in order in that section either.

To say I was dismayed at these discoveries is probably too gentle a word, but what’s the point of going further? What’s done is done. It seems unlikely that there will be future collections of the same material. I feel it’s some of my best work, and I am very unhappy that the stories in this collection are never going to be read in the correct order by anyone except perhaps by extremely die hard fans of the work, or by people who simply go back and buy the original back issues.

The one bright note is that Dan Didio told me, after I spoke to him about the matter this afternoon, that if the book is reissued in paperback at some point down the road, he would do everything he could to see that all of the stories are printed in the correct order in that edition.

That would be nice.

Walter Simonson
March 10, 2015

It’s too bad that DC has made such a poor product. I sincerely hope that the editors get their act together and fix this hardcover by way of a recall and do not wait for the trade paperback for corrections, as Dan Didio stated above. Unfortunately, in order to get a trade, that hardcover usually has to sell out to warrant the demand for a softcover printing.

I was really looking forward to buying this book, but I think I’ll be passing on it now.

I welcome your thoughts.

CCL Podcast #407 – The Spirit Rises!

The Spirit by Matt Wagner

The Spirit by Matt Wagner

Collected Comics Library Podcast #407
17.5b; 19m 01s

Chris Marshall / @ChrisCCL

Topics include:
TV: Walking Dead, SHIELD, Gotham, Arrow, Flash, Daredevil on Netflix and upcoming DD in trades (or lack there of). And a look at 75 Years Of Will Eisner’s The Spirit including 4 current publishers: DC Comics, Fantagraphics, IDW and Dynamite.

Finally, the two giveaways will conclude March 15 at Noon (Eastern time). Details on how to enter is in the podcast.
Batman Silver Age Newspaper Comics Volume 2 1968-1969 HC (Library of American Comics/IDW)
3 trade paperbacks:
The Delinquents, Harbinger Volume 6: Omegas and Archer & Armstrong Volume 6: American Wasteland (Valiant)

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The Omnibus Collector’s Wish List – Batman And Robin By Tomasi And Gleason Omnibus

Batman And Robin By Tomasi And Gleason Omnibus

Batman And Robin By Tomasi And Gleason Omnibus

Today saw DC’s revelation of what’s happening at the publisher post-Convergence. They’re dropping the New 52 moniker from all their titles (but staying in the New 52 continuity) and will be launching 24 new titles to be joining 25 existing titles, some of which will be seeing new creative teams. But for an Omnibus Collector this means I have to see the potential for new Omnibus editions, and the first one that jumped out to me was Batman and Robin.

Peter Tomasi has been writing Batman and Robin since before the inception of the New 52. He began his tenure with a short, three issue arc on the first volume of the series shortly after Grant Morrison ended his tenure. The arc, titled Dark Knight Vs. White Knight, was the highlight of the post-Morrison stories, thus making it obvious the series was in good hands when Tomasi and artist Patrick Gleason would be returning to the title with the New 52 reboot.

The team started the series with a new #1 and a new arc that would highlight the relationship between Bruce Wayne and his son Damian, who prior hadn’t really had a team-up book of their own given that Damian had always previously been Robin to Dick Grayson’s Batman. The series worked to show how similar the two characters really were to each other and how something like that could lead to a serious butting of heads.

As the book went forward with Tomasi and Gleason’s uninterrupted run it would tie-in to the line-wide Batman events of “Night of the Owls” and “Death of the Family” before ultimately tying into the events of Morrison’s finale to his Batman epic in the second volume of Batman Incorporated. Damian would fall at the hands of one of his genetically engineered “brothers” and it would completely ruin Bruce emotionally.

For several issues we saw Batman and Robin lose the second half of its title in favor of various other characters. Batman and Nightwing, Batman and Red Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Catwoman. Each issue represented Bruce going through the stages of acceptance over Damian’s death.

After that arc the title would change to Batman and Two-Face for several issues after the Two-Face #1 villains issue tying into Forever Evil. The arc would be titled “The Big Burn” and featured the two characters joining forces to deal with a common enemy.

As the series went forward it reverted back to the various characters taking the second name in the title; Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Frankenstein, and Ra’s Al Ghul. During the arc we saw Bruce hunting for the missing body of his son as it had been stolen from it’s grave as Ra’s was attempting to resurrect his grandson in a Lazarus pit. Bruce stops him from succeeding in his plan, but it also inspires him to attempt to resurrect his son by alternate means.

The title reverted back to Batman and Robin with issue #33 for the “Robin Rises” arc, which was bookended by the Alpha and Omega one-shot issues. By the end of the story Bruce would go head-to-head with Darkseid and other inhabitants of Apokalips before regaining the life of his son. However Damian was slightly different in the fact that he now had super powers. Flight, invulnerability, and super strength.

So the title is still in that arc now, introducing the newly super-powered Damian Wayne, and it’s set to run through issue #40 before ending and being relaunched after Convergence as “Robin, Son of Batman.” However, while Gleason will remain onboard as artist Tomasi won’t be joining him as writer, and Gleason will be taking on both duties.

In that I find that it would be the perfect instance to collect the entire series by Tomasi and Gleason in one huge Omnibus. So what would that mean it collects?

Batman and Robin (vol. 1) #20-22
Batman and Robin (vol. 2) #1-40
Batman and Robin #0
Batman and Robin #23.1 Two Face #1
Robin Rises Alpha #1
Robin Rises Omega #1
Batman and Robin Annual #1-3
So a total of 50 issues, which is pretty thick but not unheard of given that DC tends to publish a lot of collections with 50+ issues. I’d say that those first three issues, the ones from vol. 1, are optional, but it would definitely be nice to see them collected alongside the rest of the run. Also more optional would be the Forever Evil: Arkham War mini-series that Tomasi wrote. That would include the six issue miniseries itself plus it’s prelude in Batman #23.4: Bane and Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman Vs. Bane #1

So there’s my proposal. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of this title since it launched, and it’s one of the very few New 52 titles that has remained with the same creative team since it began. In fact, I think that after this point the only titles that’ve had a solid creative team all the way through will be Batman and Justice League (given that Red Hood and the Outlaws is relaunching as Red Hood/Arsenal after Convergence). Tomasi has really told a story that’s about the relationship between father and son, and showed us Damian evolve to the young brat who claimed his father was easier to look up to when he was still dead to the young man who would prove to be more important to Bruce than almost anyone or anything else. And my own second favorite Robin next to the original. If you agree and think this would be a good one for DC to publish then go ahead and sound off! Hopefully it happens!