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The Omnibus Collector’s X-Men Readathon Episode 4: Neal Adams!

Well X-Fans! I’ve finally finished the second X-Men Omnibus, effectively taking me to the point that the series went on hiatus. I actually finished about a week ago but got a bit busy so here’s the video now… Lots of amazing artwork to talk about in these issues, and some of the best stories of the X-Men yet. I have to say it’s all thanks to artists like Jim Steranko and Neal Adams, who deliver the most attractive work on the series to date. Check me out on Instagram at ryleym0 to see images of all the comics I’ve been reading during this readathon so you can see all the awesome art I’ve been talking to. Thanks again for watching! Make sure to like, comment, subscribe, and all that cool stuff!

New Collections Amazon Leaks March 2015


It’s that time of month again! No not solicit time, it’s time to fish around Amazon and other sites to find out what’s coming out in the many, many months ahead! I’ll be updating this article as more things are found across the web, so keep checking back to see what’s coming out! And as always, I’ll be speculating as to what each of these collections is going to contain… so in the infamous words of the Joker:




So all I’ve got thus far is from Marvel, but if I find anything from other publishers I’ll divide this into various sections.

All-New X-Men Vol. 2 – Two OHC’s for All-New X-Men and nothing for Uncanny? I’m starting to think that maybe Uncanny’s going straight to Omnibus. It’s not too surprising when you think about the fact that All-New has been part of a lot more crossover events than Uncanny, which seems to be more about telling it’s own story. That said, I still hope for an All-New X-Men Omnibus, but these OHC’s are going to do just fine in the interim. I expect this book to contain material from the third and fourth volumes of the series, and we’ll probably see it skip around The Trail of Jean Grey, though I suppose we’ll see for sure how they handle that one the full solicit comes out.

Avengers by Kurt Busiek and George Perez Omnibus Vol. 2 – Not much to say here, because we know it’s just going to hold the latter half of that series, but I do have to say I’m happy to see this solicited already rather than having Marvel make us wait some indeterminate amount of time before we finally get the second volume. They’re getting better with these. It didn’t take terribly long for us to see the second volume of Hickman’s Fantastic Four, the final Brubaker Cap Omnibus was solicited very soon after the fourth, and the Star Wars Omnibus’ are being churned out at an alarming rate. Now only if they could go back and service some older runs in the same way.

Avengers by Jonathan Hickman Vol. 2 – More OHC’s for Hickman’s current run. By the time that this is published his run will have been over for several months already. I have to wonder why they took so long to publish this across OHC… regardless, what’s this going to collect? This is where we’d see if they’re going to include or leave out the material from Infinity, so I’m intrigued by that. I’m hoping they leave it out to prevent double dipping for those who have the Infinity OHC (cough*me*cough), because honestly if you’re going to read Hickman’s Avengers run you’re not going to want to do it without Infinity. That said, I’d hope this contains the fourth and fifth volumes of his run, but if they don’t skip Infinity it’ll wind up being volumes three and four.

Deadpool by Posehn and Duggan Vol. 3 – I’m going to suspect we get the material from the fifth and sixth volumes of Deadpool in here, so there ought to be a fourth volume to conclude this run in OHC. I’ve been pretty sure we’ll eventually see an Omnibus for this run based on how many Deadpool Omnis we’ve seen published, but just in case it doesn’t happen I always try to grab the OHC’s.

Guardians of the Galaxy Solo Classic Omnibus – SO MANY ADJECTIVES. Ahem… Solo Classic. So that to me spells out that it won’t be collecting either the 90’s series that Jim Valentino did nor the 2008 series from Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. It’ll more likely collect all those solo stories that all the members of the current team were in. Like Bill Mantlo’s early issues starring Rocket and his four issue mini, the first couple of appearances of Groot, Star-Lord’s old stories by Steve Englehart and others, and some old Gamora and Drax stories. We’ll see for sure what’s in here soon, but until then I just know that this is a pretty intriguing volume, mostly because I hope it alaxy, does lead towards Omnibus collections of the Valentino run and the DnA run.

Secret Wars – An OHC of the 2015 event. No surprises here. It probably won’t collect any of the tie-ins, but I’m sure we’re going to see a hell of a lot of collections for the tie-ins as we go forward.

SHIELD The Complete Collection Omnibus – This is kind of an odd title for an Omnibus. There’s to be just under 1000 pages here, so I’m guessing it won’t be the old Steranko material, but probably rather the Bob Harras series which is currently being collected in those Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD Classic volumes. Unless “Complete Collection Omnibus” is relating it to the Steranko volume, and it’s to collect all the other issues of the first volume of Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD that he didn’t have anything to do with. We shall see…

Star Wars: The Complete Marvel Years Omnibus Vol. 3 – I was pretty sure we’d see this soon, as it looks like Marvel wants to make sure this whole series is out on the shelves in time for the new movies. Out with the old and in with the new? Anyway, this isn’t hard to predict. It ought just collect the rest of the issues of the classic Marvel series as well as the Return of the Jedi mini-series. At almost 1200 pages this is the largest of the three Marvel Star Wars Omnis by far, so I’m guessing that addition to all that it might contain the Droids series that ran for eight issues directly following the ongoing Star Wars series. But what about Ewoks!?


Update – How Marvel Has Screwed The Star Wars Omnibus And How To Fix It

Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus HC

Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus HC

Based on the new solicit of the new Star Wars Omnibus, I’ve got mixed feelings about Marvel getting the Star Wars license back after years and years. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Dark Horse, with the direction of John Jackson Miller and John Ostrander, along with and countess others, did a wonderful job helping create an imaginative Expanded Star Wars Universe. They help define the past with The Golden Age of the Sith, set forth the future with Legacy and filled in the gaps between the Canon with several mini and ongoing series. They even took great care in with special reprint projects like Star Wars: Luke Skywalker, Last Hope for the Galaxy, The 12-Volume Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collection, the Omnibus series, Star Wars Manga and they even collected the Pizzazz run. But all through everything – it was Marvel that started it all.

Yes, Dark Horse did a great job. As I stated before Dark Horse has published the Marvel line of books, 107 issues plus 3 annuals, a few different times. In a 5-Volume Omnibus line subtitled “A Long Time Ago”; a full color, 7-volume trade paperback series called “A Long Time Ago” and not to be confusing, but in another “A Long time Ago” 6-volume collection, which is a digest series that reprinted the comics, seemingly randomly and in back and white. These digests featured Ralph McQuarrie’s original Star Wars paintings as cover art.

Now that the license has come back to Marvel Comics, it no surprise that the first book out of the box is their own Omnibus collected edition. What is surprising is the contents of this book and how it’s laid out and what this means for future volumes.

Today, we get word that the Omnibus Volume 1 will collect #1-44 and Annual #1; 880 pages, $125. That all well and good for some people — but not me. This book will end with issue #39-44 which is The Empire Strikes Back. If Marvel decided to do one more Omnibus then that book will be 69 issues – yes 69! Don’t forget that Marvel also published the 4-issue mini of The Return Of The Jedi. This seems unlikely, so I’m sure Marvel will do two Omnibus sequels, but why then end Volume 1 with Empire? Why not start Omnibus Volume 2 with Empire?!

With the current Omnibus, my projected breakdown is:
Omnibus 1 – #1-6 (A New Hope), #7-32, Annual #1, #33-38, #39-44 (The Empire Strikes Back)
Omnibus 2 – #45-65, Annual #2, #66-78, Annual #3, #79-80
Omnibus 3 – Return Of The Jedi #1-4, #81-107

But as you can see, it just doesn’t look good. Empire should beginOmnibus 2. That way each Omnibus will start with one of the Canon movies.

I hope Marvel/Disney/Lucas will see it my way.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know. Mail me at:
Death Star Complaint Dept.


Official solicit
Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus HC CHAYKIN COVER
As the phenomenon dawned in 1977, Marvel Comics published the very first STAR WARS comic-book series. Now, the House of Ideas is re-presenting those original adventures in its wampa-sized Omnibus format! It’s the return of the Jedi to Marvel in an opening volume that begins with A NEW HOPE and ends with THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. In between, the rebels face a wealth of new perils — from space pirate Crimson Jack to the bounty hunter Beilert Valance, as well as a surprisingly svelte Jabba the Hut (one “t”). Luke goes back to Tatooine, Leia battles alone, Han and Chewie play the deadly Big Game, and Darth Vader hunts for answers! With all your old favorites and plenty of new faces — hello, Jaxxon! — there’s no doubt, the Force is strong with this one! Collecting STAR WARS (1977) #1-44 and ANNUAL #1.
880 PGS./Rated T …$125.00
ISBN: 978-0-7851-9106-3
Trim size: oversized
Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus HC HILDEBRANDT COVER (DM ONLY)
880 PGS./Rated T …$125
ISBN: 978-0-7851-9318-0
Trim size: oversized
© 2014 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. Used under authorization. All rights reserved.

UPDATE Feb. 25, 2015
Marvel has released this Omnibus and as far as I can tell it is not out of print – yet. So if you want it you better jump on it.
Star Wars: The Original Marvel Years Volume 2 is due out May 6 and will collect Star Wars #45-78 and Annual #2, so you can see (above) I wasn’t off by much in my projection.
Volume 3 will now collect Annual #3, #79-80, Return Of The Jedi #1-4, #81-107 and should be out just in time for Episode VII – The Force Awakens in December.